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Services and Rates

Personal Training

Enjoy fully private personal training with Bold Fitness training at our Grandin location, located at 20 Grenfell Ave in St.Albert.

Be bold and discover a healthier (and happier!) you. BFT offers personal training for individuals and small groups (two to four people) in the following areas:

• Weight loss
• General fitness
• Corrective exercise
• Sports performance

Training is based out of our private studio in St. Albert located at 20 Grenfell Ave. We still offer training on a limited basis at Westmount Fitness Club located at 12840 109 avenue in downtown Edmonton.

Corporate Presentations

Healthy employees are happy employees. They’re also more productive. My fun and interactive Health and Fitness presentations are a great way to boost morale, while informing and engaging your staff. Give your employees the tools they need to adopt healthier lifestyles—contact me for a quote and book your presentation today.


One-on-one training $85/hr
Train with a friend $115/hr
Ask about our student, senior and new mom discounts!


+ Why should I have a personal trainer?

Motivation, accountability, expertise and customized workout programs are all advantages to training with Jon. A personal trainer will push you harder than you would yourself, while making the gym a little less scary. 

+ How skilled or experienced do I have to be?

It doesn’t matter—Jon trains clients at all fitness levels. From those who have never seen the inside of a gym to the seasoned athlete, you’ll get a customized workout tailored to your unique goals.

+ How long is a training session, and how often will I need to train?

Sessions are usually one hour, but 30-minute sessions are possible if time is an issue. In terms of how often, that depends on your goals and how fast you want to reach them. Most clients train twice a week—Jon’s most successful clients train an additional one to three times a week on their own.

A good rule of thumb: The longer you’ve been out of shape, the longer it will take to get into shape.

+ What times are you available?

Monday to Saturday from 5 am–10 pm. Some slots have already been filled, but Jon will work around your schedule as much as possible.

+ How much does it cost?

Your first consultation and assessment is totally free of charge. After that, rates are $70/hr for individuals and $90/hr for partners/groups.

+ How fast am i going to see results?

How often are you willing to train? How hard are you willing to work? Results vary with each individual, but if you work hard, it usually takes four weeks to notice changes in your body. Give it 12 weeks of hard work and you should see results.

+ How should I prepare for my first visit?

Your first visit is an assessment of your abilities—it allows Jon to build a program based on your strengths and areas of improvement. The assessment also provides tangible numbers that help monitor your progress.

Prepare for your assessment with the following guidelines:

-Wear comfortable athletic shoes, shorts/workout pants and a workout top (no jeans!)
-Bring a water bottle and towel if you like
-Avoid heavy meals, coffee, or smoking at least two hours prior to the assessment
-Avoid alcohol and working out at least six hours prior to the assessment

+ I’m pregnant. Can I still train?

Absolutely! Training while pregnant is healthy for you and the baby. The intensity of your workouts will depend on how active you were prior to becoming pregnant.

+ Do you offer group sessions?

Yes—up to four people at a time.
Get started today.