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Bold Fitness Training gets amazing results—see what some of Jon’s clients have to say.


“I had an excellent and productive time with Jon. He is very down to earth, adaptable, and has great client rapport. I recommend his training skills on all levels.”


“Jon mixed up the workouts so there was always something new that challenged me more than the previous session. He has a great, social personality, while never losing sight of my goals. I would definitely recommend him to people looking for a trainer.”


before   after

“Before beginning with Jon I felt, well, fat, extremely out of shape, and disappointed with myself. Jon and I have been working out together now for three months, and I feel like a completely different person. I have lost 15 lbs! Jon is a great instructor and motivator. He keeps the workouts fun and intense. Every time we meet, it’s something new with great encouragement, and I could not have lost the weight and inches without him. The way I look and feel now has changed my life. I recommend Jon to all of my friends and family! I am thankful for Jon and his great knowledge and skill. I’m going to look amazing in my wedding dress. Thanks for everything Jon!”


“I started working out with Jon in August 2012. I was at the point where I had tried numerous other trainers at gyms, hoping that I would find the right match for me. Unfortunately, despite my good attitude and excitement, the programs they set up for me did not work.

Jon is different than the other trainers that are out there. He took the time to really listen to my concerns and didn’t simply give me a program to follow. He developed a set of exercises to test my strength and endurance— but not the kind where you are sore for three days after.

The increase in difficulty level has been gradual, yet steady. His routines are flexible to meet my needs, engaging, and guided at all times. Jon’s extensive knowledge of the body and how to make it stronger is incredible, and he takes the time to help you develop that understanding.

I have been working out with Jon twice a week for five months, and I can’t believe the changes! I have lost that last stubborn 10 pounds, inches around my stomach, butt and legs. More than that, my alignment has improved, I feel stronger and more energetic, my reflexes and balance have improved, and I feel more productive in general.
I highly recommend Jon as a personal trainer whether you are just starting out, have had poor experiences at the gym, or you are training for a specific sport or event. Thanks Jon, you’ve changed my life!”


“Jon’s been training me for the last seven months. I started out being unreasonably afraid of the gym—I figured ‘I can’t lift weights! I can’t keep up! People will think I’m a wimp!’

I’ve never done resistance training before. I’ve always been a runner, swimmer, hot yoga and spin-class kind of girl—but I never got the results I wanted. Jon made a good point when we started: you can’t get the definition you want if you aren’t doing any resistance training. He was right. I began training with a lot of injuries, and my goal was to get the definition I wanted without aggravating those injuries. That’s exactly what Jon helped me to do. He’s an amazing personal trainer who knows exactly how hard to push to get the results you want while avoiding injuries and rebuilding strength. Jon’s incredibly easy to get along with, and he makes working out challenging, fun and addicting. I’ve never been so happy with my body as I am now! I more than met my goals with Jon’s help. If you’re looking for a personal trainer who’s fun, loves fitness and knows his stuff, look no further—you found him!”