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Blog Entry #1: Journey to the center of my humerus.

April 20, 2013, By: Jon Boldireff

Greetings people of the Internet! I am very excited to have you on the maiden journey of my blog. At this point, I’ve shared this link via Facebook, Twitter, email, and carrier pigeon. I want as many people as possible to take a peek. If, by the end of this post, you feel you’ve been sufficiently entertained, then I hope you’ll come back for more. On the other hand, if you think I should stick to dumbbells rather than the written word, you are welcome to give me the gears in the comments section. The point of today’s blog is to give you an idea of what kinds of topics I’ll cover in the future and to lay down some ground rules. First, the rules:

  1. I’m sure my mom will be my most loyal follower. So I 99% promise that I won’t use any profanity. The 1% leaves me a little wiggle room for words that are on the fence like “ass.”
  2. I will try to limit the amount of exclamation points I use. Sometimes I get excited.
  3. I will NEVER use the acronyms “OMG” or “YOLO.” I can’t even discuss this any further or it’ll just make me mad.
  4. Please be civil to each other in the comments section. All arguments will be solved with a burpee contest. I wonder how many arguments we’ll have…
  5. I’ll post a new blog every second Monday. No excuses. Even if there’s a fire!

“Why should I read your blog, Jon”?

Well, I’m glad you asked, savvy Internet traveler. Boldfitnesstraining.com is my professional personal fitness training website. As my clients know, “professional” is a loose term for me. Don’t get me wrong —business is business and I want results—but I like to keep the atmosphere light and fun as well. This bi-weekly blog will have a health and fitness theme to it. I won’t pigeon hole my topics to fitness only though. We can talk about push-ups, why my dog sleeps with half his body in his bed, why Mark Wahlber’s arms are bigger than his waist… Everything is on the table. Nothing is sacred. I mean heck, I’ve already made two pigeon references in this post. This is obviously going to be a wild ride. Today is just an intro. That is why I’ll write another post next week with an actual topic: Fitness and travelling: Before, during, and after.

Be sure to tune in!

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