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Stop Going to Bed SO Late!

March 17, 2016, By: Jon Boldireff

No time to exercise? Way too tired to go to the gym before your work days starts? So many people go to sleep at 11pm or even later. What are you really accomplishing after 9pm? Is squeezing one more episode of Game of Thrones before you hit the hay really going to enrich your life? I get it. You want to get in better shape, but you don’t want to make the lifestyle changes necessary to get there. Dragons and incest are wayyy more appealing…


“I want to look like Mark Wahlberg!”

Excellent goal! Now, put down the donut. Mark Wahlberg is already in bed and he’s not dreaming of looking like you. He’s gonna get up at 4am and work his ass off. He’s running 6 miles while you’re still sleeping for 3 hours, dreaming about yourself with dancing pecs like Terry Crews.


Here is your recipe for change:

Stop binge watching Brooklyn  99 a few episodes early. Get to bed at 9pm. Wake up at 5 or 6am (still getting 7-8hrs sleep!). Work your ass off and pat yourself on the back. Repeat 3x a week for 30 days and you’ll start to see your results.


“It’s too haaard! My body isn’t meant to get up that early.” Yes, it’ll  be challenging at first. If it was easy, everyone would be fit. Look around. They’re not. You’ve been digging this hole for a while now. Time to climb out. If you need help, find a training partner, a group class or maybe a handsome trainer in the Oliver Square region of downtown. Good luck!



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