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More fun than a baby goat standing on another goat

July 14, 2013, By: Jon Boldireff

When I was in Victoria recently, I saw the strangest thing at the gym. I was stretching at the end of my workout and there was a guy walking on a treadmill. I know, that’s what they’re for. This guy added a little “twist.”. He was walking very slowly backwards, forwards, sideways… you name it. All while doing all sorts of crazy motions with his legs and arms. It looked like treadmill walking meets Tai Chi meets Prancercise (Google it) while adding in some air guitar for good measure. You’ll have to check out the video on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/boldfitnesstraining) to really appreciate what I’m talking about. At first, I couldn’t help but laugh and think it was ridiculous. The guy was in REALLY good shape though! He was lean and muscular. The stuff he was doing looked like it required a great deal of balance, proprioceptive awareness and a whole whack of “I don’t care what any of you think-edness.” The biggest thing I came to realize though, was that he was having a fantastic time. He was really enjoying his workout and he obviously got results out of it. So this week, let’s give you some ideas about how you can bring some fun and enjoyment back into your fitness routine.

1. Work out with a buddy. You can talk between sets, help motivate each other, and having a spotter is always nice. Plus, the gym is a gold mine for people watching. Anyone who works out at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton knows what I’m talking about: neon spandex man.

2. Try lots of different activities/sports. You never know what you’ll enjoy. You can join a running group, a badminton club, any type of men or women’s league sports.

3. Go hiking or climbing. What a great way to get some fresh air while improving your currently embarrassing ability to climb 3 levels of stairs at your condo building.

4. Try some group fitness classes. Zumba, spin class, water aerobics, TRX classes… the list is endless. There’s a combination trick to this one. You need to find the class you like with an instructor you love! So you liked the act of yoga, but the really earthy teacher that kept touching you wasn’t quite your style? Try going at a different time or to a different studio until you find the right class/teacher for you.

One last one that I won’t even use a bullet point for. I’ve heard lots of chronically active people say:”I love going to the gym because it’s MY time. I don’t have to think about the outside world or what everyone needs from me. I can just put my headphones in, listen to my favorite music and work some stress out of my life.” This is the point you want to get to. So instead of dreading going to the gym, try to think of it as that 30-90 minutes of “you time.” Yes it’s good for your physical health, but it can be even better for your mental health. Take a page from the dancing treadmill man’s playbook: have fun.

baby goat

Yes, I went to a petting zoo in Victoria. Yes, a tiny goat tried to eat my sandal.

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